About Our Vilage

We are all different people. Different priorities, different jobs, different dreams, different circumstances. But at the Our Village app, we have one thing in common.

We’re all raising some tiny humans.


Our Village app is a gig-market app exclusive to parents. Single parents, military parents, married couples—we’re home to all of them. If you’re not a parent,? You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here. Think of us as your go-to parenting platform so we can discover services to and from each other.

Ride Shares. Food deliveries. Babysitters. Random tasks. Raising those tiny humans of ours is a 24/7 gig, which is why everyone needs someone to pitch in. Think of us as the “Uber” for raising kids. If a successful tuck-in at the end of the night is your goal, we’re the ride that helps get you there.

Our Village app is also a platform for people pitching in. Have a skill you can share with other parents? Babysitting? Offering rides? We have a place for you here! Have a business idea and know parents make the perfect clients? This is the app for you, Read more here. We’re restoring the concept of community in the smartphone era, and we hope you’ll join us. After all, if you’ve been raising kids, you could probably use a break.

About Randa Bedair

The brains behind the operation. Nine years ago, newlywed Randa Bedair found herself in a new state with her husband and a newborn. In those early days of scant sleep and late-night feedings, she couldn’t help but notice how demanding motherhood actually was. After all, you’re running on no sleep, no help, and you’ve probably got spit-up stains all over your shirt.

How are you supposed to raise a kid without a metric ton of help and resources at your disposal?

So Randa figured ( Our Village App): there’s a hole in this market. And maybe she could be the one to fill it. Now a mom of three, Randa is the founder and mastermind behind Our Village app. She’s the drive behind its mission to spread a helping community of parents across the U.S. She saw the insanity of having to raise children without that metric ton of help and resolved to solve that problem. Now she’s solving it one village at a time through Our Village App.

Our Village App